About The Guards

The story of the Foot Guards spans over 360 years of history and they served in many of the campaigns and theatres that shaped the modern world.

Find out about their pivotal role at Waterloo, or how they adapted to ever changing warfare in the 20th Century.

Aims and Ideals

The Museum is committed to providing a safe and secure repository for artefacts belonging to the five regiments of Her Majesty’s Foot Guards. The museum strives to make these artefacts available for viewing by members of these regiments as well as by the general public.

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The Guards Today

You may be surprised to learn that the soldiers in the Household Division are first and foremost – fighting soldiers – who are at the forefront of commitment to the UN, NATO and our own security and welfare.

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History of the Foot Guards

The history of the Foot Guards runs through the fabric of Great Britain. With over three centuries of service it would be a tall order to fully cover it here; this is a short account of their rich past.

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The work of the Regiments

Today the Foot Guards maintain their historic role as infantry soldiers, using vehicles to move around the battlefield but fighting on foot. They only use the light weapons they can carry with them, such as machine guns and mortars.

Find out what each of the 5 Regiments specialise in.

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More Reading

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