About The Guards

Books to Read

Grenadier Guards

History of the Grenadier Guards, 3 Volumes – F W Hamilton

The Grenadier Guards in the Great War 3 Volumes – F Ponsonby

Seventy Ones Years Of A Guardsman’s Life – G Higginson

A Bearskin’s Crimea – A Percy

The Grenadier Guards 1939-45 2 Volumes – P Forbes

The Grenadier Guards – D Fraser

The Grenadier Guards – B Horrocks

The Men of the 1st Foot Guards at Waterloo and Beyond – B J Chambers

John Collett and a Company of Foot Guards 2 Volumes – B J Chambers

Once A Grenadier 1745-1995 – O Lindsay

The British Grenadiers 350 Years of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards 1656-2006 – H Hanning

Grenadier Guards, An Account Of Operations 1996-2015

Coldstream Guards

The Coldstream Guards 1885-1914 – J Hall

A History Of The Coldstream Guards – Ross of Bladensburg

The Coldsteam Guards 1914-1918 2 Volumes – Ross of Bladensburg

You’ve Lost Your Name  – Hook

Origin and Service Of The Coldstream Guards 2 Volumes – D MacKinnon

The Coldstream Guards 1946-97 –  R Crichton

A Guards Officer In The Peninsular – I Fletcher

The Coldstream Guards – C Grant

Lloyds Regiment/Monck’s Regiment – New Model Army – B Denton

It All Culminated At Hougoumont – J L Blackman

Journal Of Ensign John Drummond 1812-14 – C Yorke and G Glover

Tunisia 1942-42, 2nd Battalion – A Robson

No Dishonourable Name, 2nd and 3rd Battalions 1939-46 – D C Quilter

The Coldstream Guards – F W Walker

The Coldstream Guards in the Crimean War – Ross of Bladensburg

Sergeant Major – The Biography of RSM Brittian – J Leasor

Second To None, The Coldstream Guards 1650-2000

10 Years In Afghanistan, Guardsmen’s Stories – Nulli Secundus

The Coldstream Guards Dress And Appointments 1658-1972 – C Stadden

Scots Guards

Scots Guards In The Great War 1914-18 – F L Petre, W Ewart, C Lowther

A Pilgrimage of Remembrance 1944-45 – M Curtis

Scots Guards – H Dundas

Scots Guards On The Western Front 1915-18 – W Ewart

The Scots Guards 1642-1914 2 Volumes – F Maurice

The Scots Guards 1919-1955 – D Erskin

Among Friends, The Scots Guards 1956-1993 – M Naylor

Full Deployment A Year In The Life Of The Scots Guards – L Snow

A Short History Of The Scots Guards 1642-to date various issues – Regimental

The Scots Guards – W F Hendrie and J Smith

Bob Of The Scots Guards – G Robinson

An Ensign In The Peninsular War, The Letters of John Aitchison – W F K Thompson

Scots Guards Standard Settings Of Pipe Music various issues – Regimental

Irish Guards

Irish Guards In The Great War 2 Volumes – R Kipling

History Of The Irish Guards In World War Two – Fitzgerald

Father Dolly, The Guardsman’s Monk – H Melland

A Short History Of The Irish Guards 1900-1927 – T H Grayson

The Micks The Story Of The Irish Guards – P Verney

Lieutenant Colonel C G Jaeger, Director of Music Irish Guards – C Dean

Irish Guards 1st One Hundred Years – Regimental

Up The Micks Illustrated History – Regimental

Welsh Guards

Bearskins, Bayonets and Body Armour – T Royle

The Welsh Regiment Of Foot Guards – D Ward

The Welsh Guards – J Retallack

The Welsh At War – L F Ellis

This History Of The Welsh Guards – The London Stamp Exchange

When The Grass Stops Growing – C Mather


Guardsman Of The Sky – J N P Watson

The Diary Of A Forgotten Battalion – The Household Battalion – G W Harvey

The Story Of The Guards – J Paget

The History Of The Foot Guards – H L Aubrey-Fletcher

The Guards – Edgeworth

Excellence In Action – A Portrait Of The Guards – R Uloth

The Guards and Caterham, The Soldier’s Story – R Melvin

All the Queen’s Men – R Braddon

Uniforms Of The Foot Guards – W Carman and B Fosten

The King’s Guards – H Legge-Bourke

The Brigade Of Guards – H Legge-Bourke

The Standards, Guidons and Colours Of The Household Division – N P Dawnay

British Guards Armoured Division 1941-45 – J Sandars

Trooping The Colour – M Gow

All The Queen’s Men – B Hoey

The Guards Division In The Great War 2 Volumes – Headlam

Fighting With The Guards – K Briant

The Story Of The Guards Armoured Division 1941-45 – Rosse and Hill

The Guards Armoured Division, A Short History – G L Varney

6th Guards Tank Brigade – P Fores

The Guards Armoured Division 1914-45 – M Chappell

The Foot Guards Regiments 1880-1914 – A H Bowling