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The Collection

Our collection stretches back to the English Civil War and right up to the present day. With artefacts collected by the five Regiments and private donations relating to those who have served or are serving, we bring our history to life. You will be able to see how uniforms and equipment change through time, while our growing collection of documents and photographs illustrate the personal stories behind the big events.

In addition to our permanent displays, with such a rich collection to draw on we put on temporary exhibitions based around a theme or event, or to showcase specific areas of the collection.

Special Exhibition: Life in the Guards Depot

Thousands of peacetime volunteers, wartime conscripts and cold war national servicemen passed through the Guards Depots at Caterham and Pirbright. These large training camps were devoted to one purpose- turning raw recruits into well trained and disciplined fighting Guardsmen.

The depots are now gone but in this special display you will get a glimpse back into what it was like to train and live there. 

What our visitors say about us

This was a truly amazing look at history from a different perspective for an American. Our national history isn’t nearly as long & actually started as English history, so it was like looking through your grandma’s attic & finding rare treasures & hearing the stories about them.

Really original experience, to better understand the secrets of the Royal Guards. Not crowded and with a close view of the changing of the Guard, because it starts here!

A small museum near Buckingham Palace tells the history of The Guards from their beginning to present day. Amazing displays of uniforms and mementoes from their long history and many campaigns. Well-presented and maintained.

I spent well over an hour pouring over the displays and thoroughly enjoyed myself not to mentioning learning many interesting facts. As an American and English history buff, it was almost intoxicating. It is not a place to miss.

I will be visiting again with my youngest child when he’s a bit older as it’s such a nice small intimate museum that’s easy to get around which is great for smaller kids. Good value for money and as said previous, extremely interesting……Go and have a look!!!!